What does it mean that Beracah Homes is a “wholesale” manufacturer?
Beracah Homes does not deal directly with individual home buyers.  Instead, they have a network of preferred builders who work with the individual customer, purchase the home from Beracah, and finish the customer’s home on-site.  Coastal Homes is a preferred builder capable of placing and finishing your Beracah Home anywhere on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, and are honored you are considering us.

What is the difference between a modular home and a stick-built home?
Our modular homes are the same as “stick-built” homes built entirely on-site with a few minor exceptions.  One exception is that our modular home has a “marriage wall” in the center of the house which adds structural stiffness so that the home can be transported.  Beracah Homes does not panelize their homes like many of their competitors do.  They use the same stick framing techniques in the plant as “stick builders” use in the field.  Beracah’s homes are built in a consistent, dry, environmentally controlled facility with exacting standards home after home.

Will Coastal Homes custom design a home for me, or must I choose from stock plans?
We will indeed custom design your home.  As a preferred builder, Coastal Homes is more than happy to assist you with your customization.  Typically, however, it is helpful to choose one of our outstanding floor plans and modify it slightly to fit your individual needs.  We can build with 9-foot ceilings, open foyers, and cathedral ceilings.  The offerings are many, so put us to the test.

How does the process work now that I’ve decided to consider a Beracah home from Coastal Homes?
There are three basic steps that will take place should you choose to purchase a new Beracah home:

One - Select and/or modify your floor plan with your selections and request a quote from Coastal Homes.  
Two - Once you have made a decision to purchase your home, a $1,500 blueprint package deposit is required.  This deposit will be credited upon contract approval of your home.  Your prints will be ready to review in two to four weeks, at which time we will sit with you to review them.
Three - When the “final” prints are approved by you, the construction phase can begin.  A written contract is drawn and a 10% deposit (first draw) is required to have your house entered into the construction schedule and the building process started.  The entire construction phase is approximately a four month period. (The site work required may adjust this slightly.)  We pride ourselves by delivering your home to you in much less time than on-site contractors are able to do.

Will my home have a warranty?
Yes.  Your home will have a ten (10) year structural warranty to protect you against structural defects covered by Residential Warranty Corporation.  Your home will also have a one (1) year workmanship warranty.  Normal adjustments are to be expected with any new home and this warranty covers those adjustments.

Call today to begin making your dream home a reality.  Remember, Coastal Homes provides you with the home you want at the affordable price you need.
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